Today, Troy Clogg Landscape Associates, LLC is one of the largest and most successful firms in Michigan, providing landscape design and construction, complete site maintenance with fertilization, irrigation design and service, and snow removal to a full range of commercial and residential clients.

We are known for our award-winning designs, dependability, and quality service, as well as, our heartfelt passion for our profession and the community. With state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge products, and a dedicated team of professionals, TCLA has the capability to meet your every landscape and snow removal need.


Landscape Design

Over the years, we’ve developed and constructed countless award-winning landscape designs for both high-end commercial projects and homeowners.

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Property Maintenance

Providing a custom turn-key maintenance program based on lawn mowing and clean-up; the best for curb appeal.

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Snow Removal

Providing a comprehensive snow removal plan, allow our certified crews to take care of all your winter maintenance needs.

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Some of our services include:
Lawn Cutting
Seasonal Clean Ups
Landscape Renovation
Tree & Shrub Trimming
Annuals, Mums & Bulbs
Bed Edging & Mulch
Creative Stonework
Outdoor Fireplaces
Fire Pits & BBQs
Retaining Walls
De-Icing Applications
Snow Loader Work
Snow Relocation
Snow Plowing & Shoveling
Our Wendy’s locations were recently acquired by another company…they have chosen to stay with TCSA based on the recommendation of the manager we were dealing with.  “I am very happy with the service, you are doing a great job. We see no reason to switch service in the future." Thanks to all who service these accounts!!
In our last homeowner association, we enjoyed considerable, creative, and very effective service on a multitude of landscape and drainage issues from Troy Clogg Landscape Associates in Wixom. All of their ideas, plans, and work still stand after nearly 20 years.
I want to thank you for the opportunity and make you aware of how much I appreciate this chance to do business with you and your company.  I also wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your staff.  Your staff was efficient, and timely with updating payment information.  And our driver reported on the efficiency with which the trees were unloaded and immediately planted.  Everything was in the ground before he left the site.  By reputation I knew I wanted to do business with you and your company, yesterday illustrated how great reputations are made.  We at Landscape Supply Inc. appreciate the opportunity to do business with a well ran, well organized, professional company.  It is a pleasure to do business with you and we look forward to the next opportunity!
"Hi all - Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job your crew does on our properties. Many compliments from co-owners. Thanks, and for sure we will all be counting those 137 days until the first day of summer."
I wanted to thank TCLA for the fantastic job you did the last time your crews were out at my place!
I am very pleased with TCLA! I'm so thankful for the fabulous work, and consistency.
Your guys did a great job with the wedding!  Thank you so much for making it happen.
Kevin and Jesus did a GREAT job today.  Thank you!
Sounds like the branches are all happy with the condition of their lots and sidewalks. Been open for an hour now. Please pass along my gratitude for all their hard work during what I’m sure was a terrible night for most of your guys. We do appreciate it.  
I was pleased on how TCSA fixed the problem here earlier today. I appreciated all your hard work!
We wanted to let Troy know that they we are moving to Williamston at the end of the month and I only hope they can find a lawn service company that will be as good as TCLA.  We have been customers for 10 years and have always been pleased with your great service.
Happy New Year.  As a person that is slightly walking impaired I appreciate the excellent maintenance of our parking areas and walkways over the past two days.  It is apparent that the parking areas must have been attended to on Sunday before the temperatures turned.  Most parking lots on Monday were like a skating rink.  Keep up the good work.
I came into today to tell you how much I love the work Troy Clogg Landscape and Rain by Design did for me.
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that Jim Presley has been doing a great job so far this season. I had Jim out earlier in the year to discuss our needs and he has addressed them! Please let the team there know what a great job he is doing.
I have heard a lot of complaints about services we employ in the past, and I just wanted to comment on my travels today. Between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM this afternoon there were 2 cars stuck turning into Walgreens at 14 and Haggerty. I counted 6 cars stuck entering or exiting their sub-divisions in the immediate area that were literally digging themselves out of the accumulated snow that has yet to be plowed just so they can get home. Kudo’s to Troy Clogg and their crews, our streets and walks are clean to the bone.  
Our driver Mike, did an exceptional job on my driveway with taking everything in consideration. The amount of snow, my driveway and the hours worked by your crews. Also wanted me to make sure to get the word TCSA that you do wonderful work!
I have gotten so many compliments on the snow removal being done at the property! I was out there yesterday and appreciate the attention that the crew has given, especially the parking spots and townhome entryways. Makes my job much easier, so thank you!
H#ll of a job! I rarely do this, but the two men were very pleasant and my neighbors are so jealous that I wanted to let you know how happy I am!
Good Morning Dave, I just think you and your crews should know what an outstanding job they did. Not only on our fall clean up, not a single leaf in sight, but also on our summer lawn cuts.  They go out of their way to do an exceptional job and I can't get over how great our place looks.  Please pass this onto your crews and thank you again for the great service.
I have never seen such professional, fast, and tidy lawn workers in all my years of being a homeowner.
I wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation for the fine work your team has been doing for us here.  Your team's hard work has not gone unnoticed by myself and even my client.  In fact, I had an opportunity to sit down with the CEO they even had favorable comments regarding the mowing efforts of your team.  So often only negative comments get back to an owner, so I wanted to send some positive feedback.  I'm pleased with the level of service and the attention to detail your entire teams has implemented at our sites!
I wanted to thank your crews for the superior job they did on my fall clean up, I had a ton of leaves and they were so efficient that not one was left behind.
I am very pleased with the snow removal crew this year.  The reason for this comment relates specifically to our front walkway.  Over the years, the walkway has been covered in ice throughout the winter. I would have to go to the de-icer bin, load up my container and sprinkle the de-icer on the whole walkway and mostly at the spot where the sidewalks meet in front of the condo, and at the end of the sidewalk next to the driveway.  Also, the driveway in that area.  The new crew has kept these areas clear by both shoveling and applying the de-icer. Thank them for me!
Thank you and Troy Clogg Landscaping for continuing to volunteer with our program.  I told a war veteran, you would like to take care of his lawn care needs for the year and he was so appreciative.  Disabled veterans, when they register, are entitled to one year of service similar to the deployed family members.  I gave him your name and phone number and told him to get in touch with you right away to be set up a service route.  He said he would and again, he was very grateful. Thanks again for helping to take care of our nation’s heroes.